Seminarul de Cercetare Interdisciplinara a Religiilor si Ideologiilor

SCIRI Conference / Peter Worley


We invite you to participate at the lecture of Peter Worley (Co-Chief Executive Officer at The Philosophy Foundation)  on Thursday, June 25, 4.00 p.m. (Bucharest time). The topic of his lecture is Corrupting Youth. Philosophy in Schools

A short abstract of his intervention:

Facilitator: So, was Socrates a wise man?

Lennie (age 10): Yes, because he believed in truth and stood up for the truth.

Millie (age 10): Yes and no. Yes because, as Lennie said, he believed in the truth, but no because he got himself killed.

In Athens two and a half thousand years ago, the philosopher Socrates was put on trial by a jury of his peers and charged with ‘corrupting the youths of Athens and believing in gods other than the city-approved gods’ (Apology 24b-c). He defended himself, was nevertheless found guilty, sentenced to death and subsequently executed. This is often paraphrased to mean that he was put to death for inciting the young people of Athens to question, including questioning authority, and that this was frowned upon by certain powerful people. But, as is often the case, there is more to this story.

Join Peter Worley as he discusses philosophy with young people and the links between Ancient Greek conversations and philosophy in the classroom today.”

The meeting will take place on ZOOM, and will be later posted on SCIRI YouTube Channel. In order to participate, please use the following link:

Topic: SCIRI Conference with Peter Worley

Time: Jun 25, 2020 04:00 PM Bucharest

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 836 5576 0529

Password: 558245

Please join the meeting at 15.50, using your real name. During the lecture we’ll kindly ask you to keep your microphone closed and your camera open. After the lecture we will host a Q&A session when you will be able to ask your questions and discuss with our guest. Participation is free, and there are 100 places available.

You can register here.


Vă invităm să participanți joi 25 iunie cu începere de la orele 16.00, la conferința SCIRI susținută de Peter Worley, co-director al The Philosophy Foundation. Conferința va fi în limba engleză, având tema: Corrupting Youth. Philosophy in Schools

Conferința se va desfășura pe platforma Zoom iar ulterior va fi postată pe canalul de YouTube al SCIRI. Pentru a participa la conferință, folosiți detaliile de mai sus.

Dacă nu aveți cont pe Zoom, va trebui anterior întâlnirii să intrați pe și să vă faceți cont. Vă rugăm să intrați pe platformă cu 5-10 minute înainte de ora 16.00, având setat numele dvs. real la numele de utilizator. Pe durata conferinței vă rugăm să vă mențineți microfonul închis și camera video deschisă. După prezentare va urma o sesiune de Q & A în care veți putea interacționa cu invitatul. Participarea este liberă, în limita a 100 de locuri.

Pagina FB a conferinței.

conferinta SCIRI Peter Worley

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