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JSRI new topics for 2017

Posted in JSRI de sciri pe decembrie 9, 2016
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The Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies is looking forward to receiving manuscripts for its 16th volume, year 2017. The editors are interested in publishing  theoretical and innovative articles, from the perspective of fundamental research, proposing novel approaches of the topic. The typical article will range among 5000-6000 words, and the book reviews among 1500-2000 words. Prospective authors are invited to consult all the technical details concerning the submissions in the Author Guideline.

The new topics for 2017 are the following:

Topic: Politics with/out religion. New trends and challenges at the beginning of the XXIst century
Deadline: January 15th 2017

For this issue, the editors are particularly interested in the following sub-topics:

–   The separation of  religion and politics in government;
–   The separation of state and church, the autonomy of the church;
–   The consequences of using religion in electoral campaigns;
–   Challenges of religious fundamentalism at the beginning of the XXIst century;
–   The ideological challenges of religious pluralism and multiculturalism for globalized societies.

Topic: Religion and populism in the XXIst century
Deadline: April 15th 2017

For this issue, the editors are particularly interested in the following sub-topics:

– the religious dimension of the populist discourse / the religious rhetoric of populism;
– the relation between clericalism and populism / depicting the church in the populist discourse;
– the populist leader as a political Messiah;
– populism as a consequence of secularization;
– populism as a consequence of religious pluralism;
– populism as a form of religious intolerance / religious intolerance as a characteristic of populism;
– instances of religion in right-wing vs. left-wing populism;
– the religiosity of the populist electorate;
– new forms of sacred in the populist discourse;
– the strategy of demonising in the populist discourse.
Topic: Myths in contemporary political communication
Deadline: July 15th 2017
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